Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fresh New Look "Color Change" Furby - Generation 2: Tiger w/ Gray Eyelids RARE!!!!

Just added this awesome "Color Change" Furby to our collection.

The "Fresh New Look" Furbys were sprinkled in to retailer's shipments in 1999.
These Furbys bare the "Fresh New Look" sticker and slight changes including fur color, eye lash color, eyelids color, and more. Note: not all Furbys bearing the "Fresh New Look" sticker will possess changes to the original design, so true "Color Change" Furbys are SUPER RARE!!
Notice a new message on the bottom of the "Color Change" Furby box:
"In the interest of better quality and value, we are constantly improving and updating our products. Consequently, pictures on this package may differ slightly from the product enclosed."
There is also a "WT" underneath the bar code which has only been seen on "Color Change" Furbys.
The most widely observed "Color Change" Furby is the "Sunrise" Furby which was manufactured using the leftover fur of the "Church Mouse" Furby from Generation 1, and yellow fur for his tummy. This is the only "Known" "Color Change" Furby with color variations in its fur; which makes him the easiest to spot.